November 12, 2016 Staff sports, fitness and athleisure wear domain name for sale

athletic clothing domain name

68 Million search results in Google for athletic clothing !!

womens athletic clothing = 27 million results

The first page is a who’s who of big brands like Nike, Athleta, Lululemon, Prana, Sports Authority, and on and on…

How else are you going to compete with that kind of brand recognition unless you can bounce to the top with the best possible domain name in the category.

Over 19 million search results for athletic clothing brands. There is only one

Lots of adwords ads as well. Maybe you wanna cpc taste..?

minimum offer: $4599k

BIN: $14k

estimated fair value $18k-30k

OMG Becky! You’re wearing that to the gym?

-Arnold Swartzeneggerer



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