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ballet dancer domain name

An unbelievable opportunity to own a perfect keyword exact domain name that has never been developed. There is virtually no online competition for someone to build out the top Ballet content portal online. This is an activity with hundreds of thousands of little girls taking dance classes at thousands of ballet schools & studios every year. Ballet clothing like ballet shoes, toe shoes, leotards, tutus tights, etc are sold over and over again.

At the professional level it is clearly one of the human art forms with a dedicated fanbase. Majors cities have multiple Ballet companies and ¬†theaters. Even at the layman’s level you can count on The Nutcracker selling out in thousands of auditoriums every December around the US.

Recently ballet popped into mainstream with the brilliant UnderArmour partnership with Misty Copeland, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. She’s absolutely stunning to watch in the commercial they created. I can’t watch it just reminds me that I’m a doughy ape with muscles covered by the byproduct of pork rinds and beers. See how you feel:

Real men don’t lift weights, they lift women

-male ballet dancer

Minimum offer: $8999
Fair Value Estimate: $29k-40k

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