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big and tall clothes


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One of my first jobs was selling mens suits at Kuppenheimer. Every now and then a guy would come in who was just way to tall, fat or odd shaped to fit off the rack.  Usually we’d get a size off the rack that was a good fit, marked it up for the tailors who’d alter it into a great fit. I still remember the first gent I ever had to work with who’s build was so off that I couldn’t even start with a suit from the rack. He was what we called “portly” which meant his shoulder and chest were of slight build however right in the middle was what you’d call a pot belly. Like a skinny guy had swallowed a melon. Anyhow I asked another sales guy, Ed, what to do. He gave me a business card and said send him here and paper clip your card to it. I sent the guy across town to Thaku’s Big & Tall menswear. Best part of it was that weeks later a check showed up a my parents address for like $150 from Thaku’s. I guess they paid commission to local salesmen who sent them business. I have no idea to this day how the got my parents address.

Big & tall is a solid niche in men’s apparel.  This is a great easy to speak and spell keyword .COM domain for sale.

Minimum offer: $1999

Fair value estimate: $7500-11000

BIN price: $5499


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