March 9, 2016 Staff domain for sale

text books loan has never been developed. There’s worlds of app and web app needs to service book loans, Kindle loan program, book clubs. We’re living in the sharing economy I;m told. That’s got to be good for avid readers.

Minimum offer: $1500

estimates fair value: $2500-4000

I go back to the reading room, where I sink down in the sofa and into the world of The Arabian Nights. Slowly, like a movie fadeout, the real world evaporates. I’m alone, inside the world of the story. My favorite feeling in the world.

-Haruki Murakami / Kafka on the Shore

I put off reading Murakami because there was so much hype about the author. I felt like if that many people like it then it’s got to be mindless shite. Well I got Kafka on the Shore as a gift for Christmas. Read it in a few days. The thing is in Murakami’s case, there’s the hype because there’s just not much written like he does. It’s a mix of absurd but visceral, and distant but still emotional. I think anyone can feel something when reading his work.

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