domain is available

beachholidaytravel has never been developed and is for sale for the first time in over 7 years. This domain name is an easy status upgrade for travel bloggers, online reservations, fare & booking aggregators. Minimum offer: $6500 Fair Value Estimate: $15-18k BIN price: $16,000 What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in…
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real estate domain for sale

beachcaliforniapropertyreal estate

California vacation rentals, home builders, real estate agents and developers would make a splash with either of these domain names for sale. If you’re not sure which would work best let’s make a deal on the pair! Use one for property listings and one as a beach lifestyle blog to build traffic. Minimum offer: $1500…
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smart phone bank app


Here’s an undeveloped domain name in the roaring fintech or banking app niche. Minimum offer: $2400 Fair Value Estimate: $4000-7000 BIN price: $5500 I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. -Thomas Jefferson
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  This is the tuxedo of domain names in the tux and men’s formal wear rental category. Never developed and for sale for the first time in over 7 years. **SOLD** Minimum offer: $6500 Fair Value Estimate: $15,000-19,000 I don’t have a tuxedo that fits anymore because my chest and my biceps are too big.…
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Hardware domains + for sale

lumber hardware drill


We’ve got two aged and undeveloped hardware tools category domain names for sale. and Lumber dealers search results are 600k from where i’m sitting of course they get local real quick. Lot’s of opportunity to work the local listings for lumber dealers. There’s a bunch of brands to make use of in the…
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Sports domain names for sale

sports domains names


We’re accepting offers on these domains, individually or bundled. Use this form or email: hello @ I tell the kids, somebody’s gotta win, somebody’s gotta lose. Just don’t fight about it. Just try to get better. -Yogi Berra
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team hats caps domain name

#sportswearapparelsports never developed and for sale for the first time. The Google search results are nearly 77 million. Covers all pro sports baseball, football, basketball hat sales and goes a bit further into youth & amateur sports leagues for screen printing and uniforms sales. Minimum offer: $7500 Fair Value Estimate: $12k-17k BIN: $15,500 “Do you…
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broker training class

brokerreal estatestocks

Brokers of all kinds take classes to get their broker licenses. It makes perfect sense then that the folks who type this domain in each day are looking for broker schools, classes, testing and licensing information. This domain would be the best way to stand out among the 34 million search results. The results are…
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Video keyword domains for sale

video domains names


  Nice video keyword domain names for sale. All are undeveloped and ready to brand/build. $799-1899 estimated range for offer to make these yours. Try me!
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48u short domain names


  Are you looking for a short 3 character domain name?  Get one or both these today! Short domains are great values because they’re multi-purpose and easy to remember. These are lucky finds and only available here at OwnedWords domain listings. Get for $1749 or best offer Get for $1249 or best offer…
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beach front sites

beachcaliforniaconstructionreal estate

Vacation rentals, home builders, real estate agents and developers would make a splash with either of these domain names. If you’re not sure which would work best let’s make a deal on the pair! Use one for property listings and one as a beach lifestyle blog to build traffic. Minimum Offer: $2000 Fair Value Estimate:…
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Domain Name Listings Info

Yeah, seriously we have a ton of domain names to get posted here. There’s not going to be much logic applied to how the domains are posted. There’s just too many and one of us has a drinking problem. Probably best to bookmark the main page or follow us on Twitter if you are interested…
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athletic clothing domain name


68 Million search results in Google for athletic clothing !! womens athletic clothing = 27 million results The first page is a who’s who of big brands like Nike, Athleta, Lululemon, Prana, Sports Authority, and on and on…
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Domain listing coming soon

domain listings coming soon

coming soondomains

This is your chance to stake a claim on these new listings before we put them out to the public. These are some excellent domain names that will be for sale for the first time. You are welcome to get in touch if you want to get a jump on any of these domain listings.
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hockey goalies


There’s a special breed of hockey player that stands between the pipes. Any goal tending related website doing gear sales or reviews, training camps, coaching videos, etc. would benefit from have a category defining name to build on. Minimum offer: $3000 Fair value estimate: $6-8k
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Why .COM is king: only 9% of consumers comfortable with new tlds

domain name trust survey

internet survey

If you look through you’ll notice the domains we own or broker are all .COMs. You may have immediately thought well these guys must be old, true, however the real reason is because .COM has never been out shined for value. There are a few of the newer domain extensions that seem to be…
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texas luxury homes domain name

constructionpropertyreal estatetexastx

Here’s a solid geo-targeted real estate domain name. Texas real estate brokers, agents and home builders ought to grab this up for when oil prices swing back up and all the big hats start building mansions. Minimum Offer: $1999 Fair Value Estimate: $2500-5500 BIN Price: $2500 Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an…
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Pet Cat domain names available



Cat related domain names for sale. We also have a several dog domains and to round out our pet domain names. *Can be purchased individually or at a package discount. Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think…
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These never developed dance domain names will be listed soon exclusively on Drop us an email if you want to know when the listings will go live.
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Are you a Redditor?


  If you’re a redditor then you should subscribe to our sub /r/premiumdomains We had to create a sub because the other domain related subs we’re either dead or shit post havens. Hope to connect with you over there! Cheers!
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Exercise Tips .com domain name for sale

exercise fitness domain name


  Fantastic exercise domain available right before the New Years resolutions pile up. Trainers, gyms, exercise gurus should be in the spotlight with this domain name. Use this name to build a exercise community, aggregate the thousands of Youtube trainers channels, move into localized gym or trainer listings, or tap into the massive exercise related…
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Beverly Hills Optician (+Opticians) domain names available



Any Optician in Beverly Hills California have their eye on top spots in directory or search engine listings? Here’s a way to set your practice above the rest with a definitive domain name. Hyper local search is the key these days and you will be the obvious winner. Make offer or buy them both right now for…
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boulder colorado mortgage

coloradomortgagereal estate

  If you’re a Boulder , Colorado mortgage broker or real estate finance person you need to look at this domain name. It gets a handful of type-in traffic everyday. It’s never been developed so you have a clean slate. BIN: $1799 or make offer over $1200   Mork, calling  Orson. Come in Orson. -Mork (RIP)…
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book loan domain name

2wordappbook has never been developed. There’s worlds of app and web app needs to service book loans, Kindle loan program, book clubs. We’re living in the sharing economy I;m told. That’s got to be good for avid readers. Minimum offer: $1500 estimates fair value: $2500-4000 I go back to the reading room, where I sink…
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scholarship domain name


The domain name has never been developed and is up for sale. Scholarship Money has 162 million search results in Google. There’s a lot of ground to cover in the scholarship niche. Scholarship listings, books on how to apply, there are affiliate programs for leads, application services, etc. Huge opportunity for someone to develop…
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domain name sold

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Great buyer and we had an easy transaction! Don’t miss out on a domain you have you eye on!
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bulk batteries domain for sale

batteriesonline store

The EPA estimates Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries each year. Bulk Batteries or wholesale batteries has 27 million search results in Google and the results are packed with ads. This is you opportunity to enjoy the authority that comes with having the best domain in your category.
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.COM domain names for sale soon + weekly recap

As promised we listed some excellent domains for sale this week and next weeks listings are also fantastic .COMs Follow us on twitter @ownedwords or drop an email to
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Allergy and Sinus domain names

allergy sinus medication

allergydoctorsmedicine and are for sale. New to market and never developed 122 million Google results for “allergy”. These domains are nothing to sneeze at! (get it…couldn’t help myself) There’s lots of meds, eye drops, nose sprays, doctor listsing and natural remedy products in this niche. My pal lives in Arizona and buys allergy meds…
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hotelstravel travel or hotel domain name for sale. Never developed! Here’s a great domain for a travel app or hotel booking platform. I expect the buyer will build a HotelTonight or AirBNB website and app. There’s a billion (no really 1,270,000,000) google results for “get a room” maybe you could be the make-out meme king…
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ballet dancer domain name


An unbelievable opportunity to own a perfect keyword exact domain name that has never been developed. There is virtually no online competition for someone to build out the top Ballet content portal online. This is an activity with hundreds of thousands of little girls taking dance classes at thousands of ballet schools & studios every…
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big and tall clothes


  Find Big & Tall men’s clothes at One of my first jobs was selling mens suits at Kuppenheimer. Every now and then a guy would come in who was just way to tall, fat or odd shaped to fit off the rack.  Usually we’d get a size off the rack that was a…
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house flipping domain name

house flippingreal estaterealtor

Real Estate House Flipping is big business or at least HGTV wants us to think so. This domain name just came up for sale for the first time. Coincidentally on the same day that the news broke that Tarek(monkey looking dude) went nuts with a handgun and Christina (crazy hot lady) are going to split…
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organic baby food


Natural or organic baby foods are a huge market. We’re happy to offer the domain name for sale for the first time. It’s well aged and never been developed so you’ll be a just like a cute little newborn in Google’s eyes. BIN price: $3250.00 / Make offer over $2000 Government is like a baby.…
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golf course view

golfreal estatesports

Golf Course View could go a few ways..these the viewer apps and course videos that pop up all over the search results however there’s also the niche real estate use for golf course condos, and homes. 193 million Google search results is a big green to shoot for! Min offer: $1999 BIN price $2999 Get…
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Trump’s 3000 Domain Names + What Does Trump Smell Like?



  Despite where you fall on the spectrum of love/hate for Trump (except in the middle because there is no center in the US anymore) you must acknowledge the Donald is “brand aware”. The hair, the branded jet, the fake university, stand as testament to an attempt at branding across a product spectrum never seen before. It stands to reason then that…
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Domain names for sale list #1 – make an offer today!

domains for sale

This post is really just a domain dump for the folks who like to go prospecting. Often I get asked for full lists of available domains so I’m going to point at these posts. Owner is in a selling mood so bring an offer! Alphabetical. With a few of my quality picks in bold.…
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organic grocery domain for sale


Price reduced! Bring an offer! Here is a great domain in the red hot organic foods niche. You won’t find a domain this good that has never been developed. is a premium tier .com domain name in a fantastic growth vertical.
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9 Insurance domain names for sale

domain names insurance agents

agent policyhealth insuranceinsuranceterm lifewhole life

  These solid keyword insurance domain names are for sale for the first time. All the domains have not been developed so they are ripe for your new build out. We can sell them individually or in groups.   Fun is like life insurance. The older…
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Sports Tickets domains for sale

sports tickets domain names


Contact us with your offer for the bundles or indiviual domains. Use the form below or email hello Buy the ticket, take the ride. -Hunter S. Thompson
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motorcycle clothing domain


Motorcycle clothing search in Google returns 14 million search results. This domain is for sale for the first time and has never been developed. Results include local business ads, Google sponsored shopping ads, and adwords. This is a good opportunity for a motorcycle jacket, gloves, helmet online retailer or affiliate. Looking for offers over $2500…
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dublin flats apartments

dublinirelandleasinglettingreal estate

First chance at a never developed domain. Real estate domain name for use as flat sales or letting in the glorious city of Dublin, Ireland. Last time I was in Dublin we left a pub with like an hour to pack and make our flight back to London. I was so drunk I fell down…
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dog cat pet toys

catsdogspets and domain names are for sale. These .com domains have never been developed. Number of U.S. Households that Own a Pet (millions) Bird 7.9 Cat 47.1 Dog 60.2 Horse 2.6 Freshwater Fish 12.5 Saltwater Fish 2.5 Reptile 4.7 Small Animal 6.7 Make and offer over $2000 or buy both now for $2499 I…
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Chevy Corvette and Chevelle domain names for sale

chevy corvette chevelle car domains

autocarschevycorvette These Chevy car domain names can be bought individually or as a package. Bring your offers! Minimum offer(individual domain): $1699 Minimum offer(package): $4899
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organic grocery domain for sale


Here is a great domain in the red hot organic foods niche. You won’t find a domain this good that has never been developed. is a premium tier .com domain name in a fantastic growth vertical. United States in 2014: organic food sales in the United States amounted to about $35.9 billion U.S. dollars…
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Dance domain names for sale

dance ballet domain names


Contact us with your offer for the bundles or indiviual domains. Use the form below or email hello Dancers are stripped enough onstage. You don’t have to know more about them than they’ve given you already. -Mikhail Baryshnikov
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Belize Destination Wedding domain name for sale

destination wedding belize


  If I was going to get married I’d skip the churches and pomp. I head somewhere sunny with sandy beaches, a girl in a bikini next to me and slide into my new life in relaxed style with cocktail in hand.  But I suppose my wife would want to come along so maybe you…
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Domain names for sale list #2 – make an offer today!

.com domains for sale

This post is really just a domain dump for the folks who like to go prospecting. Often I get asked for full lists of available domains so I’m going to point at these posts. Owner is in a selling mood so bring an offer! Alphabetical. With a few of my quality picks in bold.…
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twitter social media domain name

advertisingsocial mediasocial media marketingtwitter

Here’s a great #domain for a #twittermarketing or #socialmediamarketing agency. Minimum Offer: $599 Fair Value Estimate: $2000-3500 BIN Price: $1299
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Webmaster frequently asked questions: Have you kissed a girl? What level is your wizard? Why does my mom keep checking on me in the basement? OK sorry, i’m kidding. I’m old and back in the day you made fun of webmasters now they rule the world and have cool titles like webdev, hacker, engineers(how?) and…
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Mens Gloves .com domain name available


apparelfashionglovesmen domain name is available for the first time. Never developed and ready for your new site. Here’s a once in a lifetime chance to own a vertical in men’s fashion apparel. 54 million search results in Google. Sponsored ads from JCrew, BrooksBrothers, Nordstroms and REI, Target, etc. Leather gloves, motorcycle gloves, winter gloves, boxing…
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gay dating domain for sale


Gay dating domain is for sale. It gets type-ins everyday and with the huge online dating market, this a premium domain to win. BIN: $11500 or make offer over $5500 No, I’ve never thought that I was gay. And that’s not something you think. It’s something you know. -Robert Plant
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kayak water sports domain


  61 million search results in Google for Kayaks There are sit on top kayaks, fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks, white water kayaks, touring kayaks, ocean kayaks, etc. This is a massive paddle sports niche to be in with a keyword domain. This domain also contains the word GEAR which is the most badass word that…
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Tribune Publishing Company(TPUB) has reportedly acquired the domain Currently a landing page offers the opportunity to sign-up via email to be notified of the new launch. Additionally you can enter you mobile phone number to “win your personal email address”. Google results for the domain reveal the skeleton of the previous…
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Belize domain names for sale

belize domain names


Belize is little nation in that blends Caribbean laid back island feel with it’s Central American indigenous roots. You’ve got you sandy beaches and warm ocean water while a couple hours away you can stand atop Mayan ruins looking out over the jungle. This place is a gem. Here’s a group of Belize related domain…
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public storageself storagestorage center

  This domain has huge keyword potential. Look a the search result numbers! Google domain + keyword search stats: storage center = 43 million results storage centers = 9.6 million results self storage center = 14.2 million results This is your opportunity to shoot up the domain authority rank with a category killer two word domain…
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car auto loan domain for sale


Here’s good descriptive domain. Any one looking for an auto loan probably wants an affordable one right? Minimum offer: $599 Estimated fair value: $2000-4000 BIN: $1600  
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new jersey custom homes domain

constructionnew jerseynjpropertyreal estate

Here’s a solid geo-targeted real estate domain name. New Jersey real estate brokers, agents and home builders ought to grab this up. I don’t know much of New Jersey. I’ve got a friend named Hank form there and I’ve been there twice. Once in a place called Teaneck(sp?) and I don’t where the other place was.…
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New Domain Listings + weekly recap


New domain listings everyday. Only premium .com domain names with prices! Follow us on Twitter @ownedwords to get listings before they go live!
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Real Estate domain name for sale list

real estate mortgage domain names

geohomeshousesmortgagereal estate

  I’ve got a real estate, home builder, land theme going today. I wanted to consolidate a real estate domains for sale list.     Geo/location specific domains:   Commercial related:   International:…
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short domain name 2ow

short domain name

  Short domain names for sale are not easy to find. This 3 character .com has never been developed. Great opportunity exclusively at Minimum offer: $1999 BIN: $3499  Make America great again! Buy this short domain before the Chinese do! -Donald Trump
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web master host isp


You got your Google webmasters tool, your SEO tools, server monitoring, social media stats, you need to count your clicks, users, visits, cpc, cpm, cpa, your churn rate, burn rate, calories, carbs and how drinks per hour. Everyone’s going to need a stats app for this. would be the ideal name to place on…
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dance wear clothes domain name


This is a rare category impacting domain name in the dance and fitness apparel category. Undeveloped and first time for sale in nearly 15 years. Hip hop, Ballet, Modern, Tap (ask us about and it covers every facet of dance. 80 million search results in Google and ads everywhere! If I spend any…
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The best domain registrar we’ve ever found is like Godzilla or the Bilderbergers

best domain registrar


The first domain I ever registered was…I have no idea because it was 17 or 18 years ago and I drink. I do remember having to fax in a form. Many of you are already lost because the word fax doesn’t mean anything to you. You are lucky, faxing was dumb. I am certain that…
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Pet Dog domain names for sale



  Dog related domain names for sale. We also have a several cat domains and to round out our pet domain names. *Can be purchased individually or at a package discount. If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal…
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fresh salsas domain name


Here’s our Cinco de Mayo special: domain name has never been developed. Salsa over took ketchup as the #1 condiment in America. One estimate puts the US salsa market in 2017 at $11 billion dollars. You know who doesn’t like tortilla chips and salsa? Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, and Attorney General…
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goofiness domain name

1worddictionaryentertainmentlolone word

Not much to be said that isn’t obvious. is a one word .com up for sale. Minimum bid: $20,000 Fair Value Estimate: $30-40k Do a loony-goony dance ‘Cross the kitchen floor, Put something silly in the world That ain’t been there before -Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic
Read More → : oral board exam prep, study guides, courses

exam prep. police boardmedical review boardoral board

Oral board exams or reviews in medicine and police are commonplace. Oral board exam preparation, training aids, books, courses, and tutoring are a unique niche business. This domain is the best in that category. This domain is a chance to own the listings and float above competitors. We appraise a fair value range of: $1500-3000…
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credit debt domain


Credit consultation, debt relief, credit repair, debt consolidation, etc. Credit consultation shows 208 million Google search results and stuffed full of ads. There is massive competition to stand out to consumers in a crowded market. Here’s the top keywords in a perfect niche .COM domain. Climb into the top search results starting with the best domain. Never developed.…
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tax domain file taxes


Tax filing, e-file, tax refund, etc are all searches that are ramping up right now. This is a perfect time to jump on a domain like It’s never been developed and has been with the same owner for several years. Make an offer or BIN for $8500 The avoidance of taxes is the only…
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Adult domain names for sale xxx nsfw

xxx adult domains for sale

One of our clients was an early internet porn mogul. He moved on and has a handful adult domain names for sale. Most of these have backlinks, traffic and seo results. However these are domain only sales so the traffic may no move with them. Motivated seller so make an offer today! Alphabetical. Some quality…
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Celebrity Sunglasses domain name for sale

celebrity sunglasses domain name

celebrityfashionsunglasses  is up for sale for the first time. This domain is prime real estate for a social media savvy marketer, affiliates, or sunglass retailer. All the kids are buying anything they see on the big stars like Carmen Electra, Heather Locklear, Scott Baio, Rick Springfield, Tiffany. Their faces will make the sale. Ray-Bans,…
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debt recovery management

buying debtdebtdebt acquisitiondebt collect

Google’s search results for the domain keywords are off the charts: buy debt 259 million buying debt 151 million This is a tight little domain that really stands out in a huge industry: debt acquisition, debt recovery, debt management. They even have their own trade show with a golf tourny! Debt Connection Symposium &  Expo It’s nicknamed…
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Does OwnedWords work with brokers?

domain name for sale

I’ve been asked this question a couple times recently since I started posting our domain names for sale. Short answer = Yes! If you can sell our domains then I’m glad to know you and happy to let you enjoy your commission. Longer answer is that it depends on the broker or company or more…
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delaware real estate

delwarereal estate

  Land sales brokers or real estate agents in Delaware beware this domain is going to make someone stand tall above the 500k search results. Here’s a domain name opportunity with acres and acres of keyword appeal. Minimum bid: $1500 BIN price $3000 Fair Value estimate: $2-4k never get involved in a land war in…
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