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Why .COM is king: only 9% of consumers comfortable with new tlds

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If you look through you’ll notice the domains we own or broker are all .COMs. You may have immediately thought well these guys must be old, true, however the real reason is because .COM has never been out shined for value. There are a few of the newer domain extensions that seem to be…

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Tribune Publishing Company(TPUB) has reportedly acquired the domain Currently a landing page offers the opportunity to sign-up via email to be notified of the new launch. Additionally you can enter you mobile phone number to “win your personal email address”. Google results for the domain reveal the skeleton of the previous…

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Yeah, seriously we have a ton of domain names to get posted here. There’s not going to be much logic applied to how the domains are posted. There’s just too many and one of us has a drinking problem. Probably best to bookmark the main page or follow us on Twitter if you are interested…

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