Why .COM is king: only 9% of consumers comfortable with new tlds

domain name trust survey

If you look through OwnedWords.com you’ll notice the domains we own or broker are all .COMs. You may have immediately thought well these guys must be old, true, however the real reason is because .COM has never been out shined for value.

There are a few of the newer domain extensions that seem to be carving out a niche like .io in the tech realm or .me in the social profile category. There’s many people people who will say domain names don’t matter for SEO or traffic building. I think in some cases, part of the time they would be correct. However I do not know any business or brand owner who would throw away the .COM version of their identity. The fact is that the internet went through puberty wearing the .COM label. There is never going to a .ninja boom or bust in Silicon Valley.

Let’s take a look at a succinct and well put together survey of 10,000 internet users spanning both the US and UK. This report was done by the NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation based in the UK.

Here are a few key takeaways from “Trust in the Internet Survey 2016”:

  • Only 9% of consumers feel comfortable visiting website ending in the new domains
  • By 2016 there are nearly 1,000 new gTLDs had been introduced by ICANN
  • 47% related to feeling “much less secure with the additional domain extensions in use”

You can find the report linked here “Trust in the Internet Survey 2016

You can find lots of high quality .COM domain names that everybody is comfortable using right here on OwnedWords.com .com domain sales

Does OwnedWords work with brokers?

I’ve been asked this question a couple times recently since I started posting our domain names for sale.

Short answer = Yes! If you can sell our domains then I’m glad to know you and happy to let you enjoy your commission.

Longer answer is that it depends on the broker or company or more so their requests. We’ve been asked for “exclusive” listings which I have to say is asking for a lot when it’s built into the contract with out an automatic termination date. I’d love to give a broker whatever she needs to bring in the big offers however I need the offers. I do not need a solid domain sitting off the market while you come up with bullshit excuses about the Chinese stock market being down so your buyer aren’t buying (actually happened recently).

If you are a broker and would like to sell any of our domain listings I am happy to hear from you. I’m not going to say yes to exclusivity unless you are bringing an offer out of the gate or you can really make me feel like you have a plan, or there’s an automatic exclusivity end date.


BookLoans.com domain for sale

text books loan

BookLoans.com has never been developed. There’s worlds of app and web app needs to service book loans, Kindle loan program, book clubs. We’re living in the sharing economy I;m told. That’s got to be good for avid readers.

Minimum offer: $1500

estimates fair value: $2500-4000

I go back to the reading room, where I sink down in the sofa and into the world of The Arabian Nights. Slowly, like a movie fadeout, the real world evaporates. I’m alone, inside the world of the story. My favorite feeling in the world.

-Haruki Murakami / Kafka on the Shore

I put off reading Murakami because there was so much hype about the author. I felt like if that many people like it then it’s got to be mindless shite. Well I got Kafka on the Shore as a gift for Christmas. Read it in a few days. The thing is in Murakami’s case, there’s the hype because there’s just not much written like he does. It’s a mix of absurd but visceral, and distant but still emotional. I think anyone can feel something when reading his work.

WebmasterFAQ.com domain for sale isp,hosting, tech support


Webmaster frequently asked questions: Have you kissed a girl? What level is your wizard? Why does my mom keep checking on me in the basement?

OK sorry, i’m kidding. I’m old and back in the day you made fun of webmasters now they rule the world and have cool titles like webdev, hacker, engineers(how?) and get stock options. Meanwhile it took me a month to figure out this WordPress blog thing.

If your app or service support directory targets website devs, designers or operators this domain puts all of them on the same page. Also a serious purchase if your building a comprehensive web hosting, development, cms, or ecommerce service directory or listing. Maybe user generated answers to web related FAQs? Maybe a directory of web services support options. Just spitballing.

Minimum offer: $1000

Estimated fair value: $2500-3500

If your culture doesn’t like geeks, you are in real trouble.

-Bill Gates

WebMasterStats.com analytics hosting isp webdev tech domain name for sale

web master host isp

You got your Google webmasters tool, your SEO tools, server monitoring, social media stats, you need to count your clicks, users, visits, cpc, cpm, cpa, your churn rate, burn rate, calories, carbs and how drinks per hour. Everyone’s going to need a stats app for this. WebmasterStats.com would be the ideal name to place on a stats app for your isp, hosting or seo clients.

fair value estimate: $3500-4500

minimum offer: $1800

We are just statistics, born to consume resources.

– Horace

HockeyGoalies.com hockey goalies + net minders this domain blocks all shots

hockey goalies

There’s a special breed of hockey player that stands between the pipes. Any goal tending related website doing gear sales or reviews, training camps, coaching videos, etc. would benefit from have a category defining name to build on.

Minimum offer: $3000

Fair value estimate: $6-8k