November 30, 2016 Staff domain for sale

dublin flats apartments

First chance at a never developed domain. Real estate domain name for use as flat sales or letting in the glorious city of Dublin, Ireland.

Last time I was in Dublin we left a pub with like an hour to pack and make our flight back to London. I was so drunk I fell down the escalator at the Dublin airport swinging a carry-on in each hand as I fell. Poor Japanese man barely got out of the way before I bowled him over.

I’m pretty sure we stayed on Harcourt St. at a place called Harrington Hall I recall the room had a bed in a loft above the bathroom. I can’t remember the pub across the street that nearly did me in. Great folks there.

If you’re American and you haven’t been to Ireland you are missing out. It’s one of the few places in the world where the locals have a connection with you(and the US). You can actually enjoy being American in a new place. As a matter of fact if you buy this domain, I’m going to take a trip back. Been too long.

Minimum Offer: $2999

Fair Value Estimate: $7000-10,000

BIN Price: $5499


When I die Dublin will be written in my heart.

-James Joyce

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