December 13, 2016 Staff – house filpping domain for sale

house flipping domain name

Real Estate House Flipping is big business or at least HGTV wants us to think so. This domain name just came up for sale for the first time. Coincidentally on the same day that the news broke that Tarek(monkey looking dude) went nuts with a handgun and Christina (crazy hot lady) are going to split up. Maybe you should buy this domain and try to get your own show? It’s easy, just repeat these things “I hope they’ll take our offer”, “wow, this repair is going to cost a lot, I hope we can make a profit”, “what the contractor ate the tile”.

Anyhow the Google results for house flipping, real estate flipping, flipping with no money down, etc is offer the charts. This domain name has the keyword “flipping” in it so you should be able to make some headway in the rankings.

Looking for offers over $2500 or BIN $4499

To me, I love real estate because you can feel it

-Donald Trump

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