May 5, 2017 Staff domain name for sale

fresh salsas domain name

Here’s our Cinco de Mayo special: domain name has never been developed.

Salsa over took ketchup as the #1 condiment in America. One estimate puts the US salsa market in 2017 at $11 billion dollars.

You know who doesn’t like tortilla chips and salsa?

Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions that’s who.

You don’t want to be like those assh*les so buy this domain and start shipping out some fresh salsa. Let’s make America muy bueno again.

Make offer over $3200 or BIN at $4999

Usually I end with a (semi) related quote but there aren’t any good chips+salsa quotes. It’s all “may the chips fall where they may” and “salsa dancing is the expression of erotic..” so I’m going to make one up.

If aliens ever do land on Earth I’m going to take them to a Mexican food place. Some local place that’s little and cooks with actual lard. If they eat chips, salsa and a big platter of carne asada then I’ll know we’re all going to be ok.

-Arthur C. Clarke

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