February 22, 2016 Staff

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Yeah, seriously we have a ton of domain names to get posted here. There’s not going to be much logic applied to how the domains are posted. There’s just too many and one of us has a drinking problem. Probably best to bookmark the main page or follow us on Twitter if you are interested in catching a new .com

Here are a few things that help explain how we operate and define terms you will find in our listings.

Search results: These are the numbers of results returned in Google for keywords or phrases contained in or taken from the domain name.

What you should know…You may see different results. However they should be in the ballpark. The results vary according to lots of factors determined by Google. That’s good though, they are a lot of really smart people. If we ran it, all results would be pictures of Ukrainian models in Porsche 911s from the 70s.

Fair value: Usually a range. This is the estimated value that we believe we would consider the domain to be a good purchase or sale.

What you should know…this is largely based on our experience over the past 15 years as well as the previous offers that have come in for the domain. We do not pay much attention to the current “domain market”. It’s manipulated bullshit. The data set is also so tiny compared to the number of developed domains that it’s simply delusional to use recent sale as anything other than a curiosity.

Minimum bid: This is simply the number we expect is needed to interest the owner in taking the next step.

What you should know…we have a history with the domain owners we work with. We know what we will sell domains for. The original price paid is a consideration that may affect the pricing in a way that isn’t obvious to a buyer.

BIN: Buy It Now. This is the set price that the domain would sell for right now.

What you should know…occasionally a domain will have an ongoing negotiation or might be part of a package deal, that may mean we can’t sell it for the BIN price. However we will always convey the BIN offer to the owner regardless of other deals that are influx.

tags: We try to intelligently use post tags to identify related domains. It’s pretty easy to find overlap using tags.

Escrow: A third party who will facilitate the payment and release the fund after the domain transfer is verified.

What you should know…More expensive domain purchases require the use of a 3rd party escrow service. It’s just better for everyone involved and worth the small fee. Escrow.com is the one we use.

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