WebmasterFAQ.com domain for sale isp,hosting, tech support


Webmaster frequently asked questions: Have you kissed a girl? What level is your wizard? Why does my mom keep checking on me in the basement?

OK sorry, i’m kidding. I’m old and back in the day you made fun of webmasters now they rule the world and have cool titles like webdev, hacker, engineers(how?) and get stock options. Meanwhile it took me a month to figure out this WordPress blog thing.

If your app or service support directory targets website devs, designers or operators this domain puts all of them on the same page. Also a serious purchase if your building a comprehensive web hosting, development, cms, or ecommerce service directory or listing. Maybe user generated answers to web related FAQs? Maybe a directory of web services support options. Just spitballing.

Minimum offer: $1000

Estimated fair value: $2500-3500

If your culture doesn’t like geeks, you are in real trouble.

-Bill Gates