November 2, 2016 Staff

The best domain registrar we’ve ever found is like Godzilla or the Bilderbergers

The first domain I ever registered was…I have no idea because it was 17 or 18 years ago and I drink. I do remember having to fax in a form. Many of you are already lost because the word fax doesn’t mean anything to you. You are lucky, faxing was dumb. I am certain that only the government still utilizes faxes. Faxes are probably how Trump files his bankruptcy paperwork and how the Clintons get their foundation fleecing rake tallies. Anyhow the point is that it was slow, used paper and your options voting.

Fairly soon Network Solutions would let you register domains online. This was better. Then within a few years there were several, then many registrars to choose from. This was better still. Eventually there were white labels of registrars, and sub-registrars, and all measure of crappy resellers. This was crappy. Over the years we’ve picked up many domains that had dropped, or via auctions and private sales so we’ve used probably 30-40 flavors of registrars over the years. 90% of them were awful, another 8% were usable and 1% of them were good services.

I know you’re saying this guys dumb because: 90+8+1=99% Where’s the other 1%?

Well I had no idea there was another 1%. I didn’t know there could be a registrar to top all other registrars. It’s like I accidentally got invited to the domainers equivalent of the Bilderberg Group or the other secret meeting in the forest where the elite wear masks and eat poor people. Bohemian ?? something..Anyhow what I’m trying to relate is that there is a fairly new registrar that without question the finest registrar on the planet. They got together in the forest with their masks and decided to create a user experience that is unparalleled and features that are clearly defined.

You know how Godzilla crushes the Tokyo skyscrapers underfoot as he propels forward. This is essentially what this registrar did to all the other registrars when they launched. (FYI I’m referring to the Godzilla from the 1950s tokusatsu films not the reboot crap from the 80s or 2000s please) I am not saying they meant any ill will towards the other registrars who had been sitting on their asses for years not innovating. I am saying they have atomic breath and can breathe under water so the other guys were instantly toast.

They have an app for your phone. It’s easy to use, powerful and is the easiest way to keep tabs on a transfer or reg a new domain when the idea strikes. I’d link to it if I knew how to link to crap from off my phone.

Did I really just write all that and not tell you what the best registrar in the world is? Here’s a pic of some of the Uniregistry team having tea

best domain registrar

TLDR: This is your invitation to join the 1%-ers of domainers. Register new domains or start transferring your portfolio over to Uniregistry and never think about registrars again.

You freaking read this far bonus fact 1: The registrar I have grown to seriously hate is Moniker. The changed ownership years ago.  The new folks had a meeting, not in a forest and probably not wearing cool masks, and decided to build something so illogical and user unfriendly it hurts me to think about it. Remember when Sham-wow guy said the ..”Germans build good stuff”..he wasn’t talking about these guys.

You freaking read this far bonus fact 2: The best known actor who played Godzilla, Haruo Nakajima, did so for 24 years! Then he transferred to a job at the movie studio’s bowling alley. No shit.