February 22, 2017 Staff

Trump’s 3000 Domain Names + What Does Trump Smell Like?



Despite where you fall on the spectrum of love/hate for Trump (except in the middle because there is no center in the US anymore) you must acknowledge the Donald is “brand aware”. The hair, the branded jet, the fake university, stand as testament to an attempt at branding across a product spectrum never seen before. It stands to reason then that his attempts should extend into cyberspace. CNN was able to uncover 3,643 domain names owned by the Trump organization. They range from the boring TrumpOrganization.com or ChicagoTrumpLimo.com to the wtf like ImBeingSuedByTheDonald.com. Read the CNN article here: Trump’s Vast Internet Empire

The writers, Jose Pagliery and Tal Yellin, do a great job of pointing out the timing of  domain acquisitions. When did Trump get serious about a political run? They discover that in 2012 the Trump organization registered the domains VoteAgainstTrump.com and NoMoreTrump.com.

There are also plenty of domains owned as defensive posturing.  CNN uncovered domains like TrumpNetworkPyramidScheme.com bought to hinder online critics of Trump’s MLM business. The Washington Post followed up (here: Trump’s 3,000 Websites..) on the CNN article noting that 11 of the Donald’s domains contain the word “scam” or “fraud”.

The CNN article is a fun read. A domainer will see all the domains as business as usual. I grabbed ClarkIsPutinsPawn.com and NoMoreClark.com just in case I decide to run for office one day.

There are two things that alarmed me:

1. Trump seems to favor GoDaddy which is hard to understand as a domainer.

2. The Washington Post writer refers to domain names as “websites”. This is either an effort to dumb down the terminology for a less sophisticated reader (most of Trump’s base) or the writer has an older copy of Microsoft Encarta (Google it or as the WaPo write would say look it up on AltaVista or dmoz)

Oh and if you want to know what Trump smells like, keep your eye on DonaldTrumpRoomFragrance.com


Your pretty empire took so long to build, now, with a snap of history’s fingers, down it goes.

-Alan Moore / V for Vendetta

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